1 injured and 1 killed in freak accident

On a recent Pennsylvania weekend, there was a freak accident involving multiple vehicles and a utility pole. The accident resulted in a personal injury and a fatality, as well as extreme damage to the vehicles. Sadly, the accident happened when one person was trying to help another.

The first motorist involved was in an accident and was stopped to deal with the problems that accident caused. A second motorist, who was not involved in the original accident stopped to help. This was a pure act of kindness that the second motorist’s friends and family members can take great pride in.

Unfortunately, as that second motorist was helping the first one, a tractor-trailer went by the scene. When it did, the tractor-trailer passed the low-hanging wires of a utility pole. At that point, the box of the truck became entangled in the low-hanging wires and because of that, the motion of the tractor-trailer wound up pulling the utility pole down on the second motorist, who was directly in the utility pole’s path as it came crashing down at the side of the road.

The pole also hit the first motorist, who had been in the original accident and who the second motorist had been helping. Both motorists were hurt, with the impact of the utility pole being fatal for the second motorist and causing the first motorist to suffer a leg injury.

This was a freak accident and should not deter others from stopping to help when they see someone in trouble. In cases like this where damages to property and people are notable, a case can be made for assessing the culpability of anyone driving a vehicle that caused the accident. A case can also be made for anyone who was responsible for unsafe conditions in the area, when those contributed to the accident.