2 Pennsylvania residents killed in multi-vehicle crash on I-95

In the blink of an eye, seemingly calm traffic on the highway can turn into disaster. There are many ways for a pile-up to occur on the interstate, but they often end the same way: with the death or serious injury of multiple victims.

A recent multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 caused five deaths, including two people from Pennsylvania. This awful crash involved two semi trucks and at least two passenger vehicles.

The Pennsylvania victims were in a Jeep that got caught in the crash, the details of which were uncertain. A witness said that he saw the crash occur “all of a sudden.”

One car was pinned underneath one of the tractor-trailers and was mostly burned up. Another car was “fully burned,” according to a news report. It is not clear if one of these vehicles was the Jeep with the Pennsylvania residents insides. They were a man and a woman in their early 50s.

The other victims were a family from Canada, including an infant boy. The witness said he and another person tried to rescue the victims, but were not able to reach them.

The crash, which took place in South Carolina, was under investigation as of late March. Without more known details, no one can say for certain whether any of the motorists somehow triggered the accident.

After a serious wreck, the surviving victims’ lives may be changed forever. Their injuries may be permanent, limiting their ability to work and affecting their quality of life. They should not have to bear the costs of the accident themselves, if the crash was somebody else’s fault.