5 Deadly Construction Site Accidents

With clear weather on the horizon, Pennsylvania construction workers will soon begin to see their schedules quickly filling up. From road construction and renovation projects to full-scale site erection, huge projects will soon begin to take shape. Unfortunately, construction workers face serious bodily harm no matter the size or scope of the project.

While every jobsite is unique, there are five common sources of catastrophic injuries workers must avoid, including:

  • Scaffolding collapse: Whether it is due to faulty materials or poor assembly, a scaffolding collapse can lead to serious injury or death of the construction worker. Not only can this represent a fall from a dangerous height, but the victim of the fall could experience the collapsed metal, wood and any construction materials that might fall down on them.
  • Trench collapse: Numerous types of construction projects require the use of a trench. Unfortunately, if the trench is not dug appropriately with correct shielding and the proper egress, a cave-in could prove almost instantly deadly.
  • Crane accidents: Whether the crane structure collapses or transported materials fall into the construction site, workers and operators both face catastrophic injuries or death.
  • Electrical injuries: Certain workers must handle large-scale industrial machinery, power tools and live wires on nearly every shift. Any type of malfunction can lead to electrical injuries and shock damage. Depending on the strength of the current and the duration of the exposure, the shock can prove to be a fatal electrocution.
  • Malfunctioning power tools: Outside the danger of electrocution, a faulty or defective power tool can lead to a broad range of injuries on a construction site. The power tool can lead to chemical burns, fire damage, explosion and deep lacerations.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation exists to provide benefits and financial stability to injured construction workers as they fight to return to a pre-accident health. Do not hesitate to seek the benefits available to you following a serious work injury.