Ainsman Levine, LLC, Represents Woman Injured By Dangerous Slides at Erie’s Frontier Park

Ainsman Levine, LLC, has filed a lawsuit against the City of Erie and other defendants on behalf of a woman who suffered serious injuries after using a giant slide in Frontier Park, located on West 6th Street and Seminole Drive. Brandon Keller is representing the woman and her husband in their fight for justice.

The incident occurred on April 12, 2022, when Carrie Chatham took her daughter down the middle of three giant, 40-foot slides, named the Griff Slides. We allege that these slides were designed primarily to be large and impressive rather than safe for users, and that defects allowed Ms. Chatham to reach unsafe speeds and to bounce violently enough to cause serious injury. Moreover, while the park has signs warning that the city does not assume responsibility for injury or death, it does not include adequate warnings of the specific dangers posed by the slides or instructions for their safe use.

Consequently, Ms. Chatham suffered a fractured endplate in her vertebrae, leading to painful surgeries and the aggravation of a pre-existing injury. We have filed a 19-count lawsuit against the City of Erie and four other defendants seeking damages to compensate Ms. Chatham for what she suffered as well as to compensate her husband, David, for loss of consortium.

Crucially, the city temporarily shut down the slides four months after Ms. Chatham’s injury because it received three notices that parties were considering suing over injuries they allege occurred on the slides. One alleged back injuries while another cited tailbone injuries. Despite these allegations, the city reopened the slides after a study determined the slides had been installed correctly.

The team at Ainsman Levine, LLC, is proud to stand by the Chathams as they seek accountability for what happened, and we

Common Causes of Slide Injuries

Several factors can lead to serious slide injuries, including:

  • Unsafe Design – Defects like steep angles, sharp corners, or shoddy installation can make a slide inherently unsafe for users.
  • Inadequate Maintenance – Regular wear and tear to slides without proper upkeep can lead to a failure of the equipment, which can lead to serious injuries.
  • Inadequate Safety Warnings – Not warning users of potential dangers can lead to serious accidents, as may have happened in the case of the Griff Slides.

Common Types of Slide Injuries

Among the most common injuries caused by unsafe slides are:

  • Bone Fractures – Being launched off the ends of slides or tumbling over the side due to inadequate railing or side heights can cause broken bones.
  • Back Injuries –  Striking the slide or the ground forcefully or landing in an awkward position could lead to back injuries, as may have happened at Frontier Park.
  • Head Injuries – Falling from a slide or crashing into a person or object while leaving the end of the slide can cause severe trauma to the head.
  • Cuts and Bruises – Sharp edges can cause lacerations and abrasions, which also carry an infection risk.

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