Auto Accidents and TMJ Injuries

Due to the fact that most people commute to work or school in a car, the likelihood of being involved in an auto accident is high. Because of these odds, researchers and medical professionals have spent a lot of time studying one of the most common injuries you can receive in an accident, a TMJ injury. In the following article, you will learn more about TMJ injuries and some of the symptoms that you may experience after an auto accident.

TMJ injuries: What are they?

TMJ injuries are often connected with auto accidents because they happen so often. The injury occurs when the impact of a car crash suddenly injures the temporomandibular joints. These joints are located on each side of a person’s skull and are primarily used to help people chew, talk and yawn.

Symptoms you may feel

When this type of injury occurs, there are a number of effects that you may begin to feel around your body. This will usually come out as chronic facial, joint and headache pain. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this type of injury can last for months or years.

Diagnosing TMJ

In the event that you want to pursue a lawsuit against the person at fault for the accident, you need to have a medical doctor diagnose the injury. You may also seek to have a dentist look into your injuries, which can provide your personal injury attorney with more proof of your pain and suffering.

TMJ injuries are a very serious issue, and if your pain is someone’s fault, you are likely to want compensation to help you pay for medical bills and other expenses, such as time off work during your recovery. Choosing an experienced attorney to represent you during the negotiations or trial may provide you with favorable results.