Automated technologies are already reducing car crashes

Many people in Pennsylvania have heard a great deal about the potential of automated driving technology on the horizon. Media articles often feature reports about what a future of driverless vehicles could look like. While the vision of a fully autonomous, electric vehicle may still be some way in the future, there are already a number of driving technologies that are helping to improve safety on the road today.

Preparing the framework for fully autonomous vehicles will still require a great deal of work as legal, insurance and other systems adapt to the concept. However, assisted driving technologies are available today and have the potential to make great strides forward in roadway safety. Front collision avoidance technology, for example, can cause a car to brake automatically if the vehicle’s sensors detect objects that could lead to a crash. This technology is now standard on an increasing number of vehicles.

There is a wide range of collision avoidance technologies being introduced into vehicles as optional or standard. Some examples include blind-spot detection, rear-collision avoidance, lane-departure warnings and road condition awareness systems. These features are built in many luxury cars and are available as optional packages for many mainstream vehicles. Experts predict that the widespread use of these technologies will significantly reduce auto-related deaths. Each year, around 35,000 people are killed in the United States in car accidents.

Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of room for human error on the roadways. All too frequently, this ends up in a car accident due to negligent or dangerous driving. People who have been injured due to another driver’s actions can consult with personal injury lawyers. An attorney can help a client pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.