Avoid These 4 Mistakes Regarding Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Naturally, an on-the-job injury has brought significant concerns. As a result, you may temporarily be unable to work. However, you understand that worker’s compensation benefits are available since your employer pays for such insurance.

Promptly seek these benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. There should be no hesitation to apply for them. Too many times we learn about the mistakes workers make that just may prevent them from securing these much-needed benefits.

Failing to report injury, failing to apply

Here is a list of four mistakes to avoid when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Not reporting your injury: No matter what type of work-related injury occurs, promptly report it to your employer or supervisor. This first step is critical. Delaying the report of your injury may lead to suspicions from your employer and physicians. It gives them the opportunity to say that the injury was not related to work.
  • Not obtaining prompt medical attention: Not only could this lead to long-term health issues, but, once again, the employer’s insurance carrier may believe that your injury did not happen on the job.
  • Confiding too much to your employer’s insurance company: It is necessary to provide a summary to the insurance carrier. Simply stick with the basic information as to how the injury occurred. Providing too much information only works in the favor of your employer. The insurance may use your words to deny your claim.
  • Not filing for workers’ compensation benefits: Take care of yourself. If you are hurt, do not continue to work or rely on paid time off thinking that you will get better. Fill out the forms as you more than likely qualify for the benefits.

Know that these benefits are available for workers like you and that they have a purpose. Injured workers are entitled to receiving them.

Benefits fill a temporary void

A work-related injury places a damper on your ability to earn a paycheck. Workers’ compensation benefits will fill the temporary void caused by your injury. Take advantage of them when you need them.