Being aware of car accident causes can help stop crashes

Car crashes are a major concern for drivers in Pennsylvania and across the United States. There are 6 million car accidents that take place every year across the country. These accidents have a wide variety of causes, and understanding why they happen can help traffic engineers as well as drivers to prevent crashes from occurring in the future. Through detailed investigations of thousands of crashes and by using technology to measure drivers’ responses to roadside situations, researchers have worked to expand their understanding of why these accidents take place.

These kinds of studies have pointed out several causes that are responsible for a wide range of auto accidents. One cause of a number of accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians, is rolling into a right turn on a red light. This seemingly slow move can be one of the most dangerous actions for drivers and pedestrians; 6 percent of all pedestrian deaths in accidents are caused by this type of turn. Drivers can stop these types of accidents by coming to a complete stop at red lights.

Even more accidents are caused when drivers get behind the wheel despite exhaustion, leading to drowsy driving. Approximately 37 percent of adults report that they have fallen asleep at the wheel. Rear-end crashes are another major type of auto accident. Between 23 percent and 30 percent of crashes are caused when a car crashes into the rear of the vehicle in front of them. These accidents can be avoided by refraining from tailgating other vehicles.

People who have been hurt in a car crash due to the dangerous or negligent driving of another may be concerned about their medical bills and other damages suffered as a result. A personal injury lawyer may represent an auto accident victim to pursue compensation for their expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.