Brain injuries caused by domestic violence often go undetected

Pennsylvania residents who have been physically abused by a spouse may be interested to learn that domestic violence can often result in traumatic brain injuries. Those who suffer repeated head injuries are at risk for complications, such as memory loss, headaches and episodes of confusion.

One woman with memory loss issues said that her abusive ex-partner would hit her in the back of the head so that no one would see the injuries. Some of the beatings resulted in her being knocked out. However, she did not realize that her memory lapses could have been caused by these past experiences. Some domestic violence advocates say that their injuries leave them unable to work or even manage their own lives. However, concern for these types of injuries has been far overshadowed by concerns for war veterans and football players.

In domestic violence victims, the traumatic brain injuries could potentially be caused by a single blow in the head or repeated injuries. Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, the person could suffer long-lasting or even permanent neurological damage. However, it can often be difficult to connect the symptoms to previous abuse because indicators may develop months or even years later.

Someone who has suffered a serious brain injury due to an assault or domestic violence may wish to consult with a lawyer. If the injury has had a major impact on the person’s life, the attorney may help the victim seek compensation for the damages. Damages may potentially include loss of income and medical bills.