Breaking traffic rules can injure multiple people

Following traffic rules while driving on Pennsylvania roads may seem incidental to some. Those people may carelessly break those rules, figuring that they can get away with doing so. However, traffic rules exist for good reasons and should be followed. When they are not followed, motor vehicle accidents happen.

A recent example was a man, 56, who was driving a Honda Civic through the intersection of routes 356 and 56, toward Lower Burrell at about 10:45 a.m. According to authorities, the man flagrantly ran a red light. That put his Honda Civic directly in the path of a truck. The truck, in contrast to the Honda Civic, was being driven in accordance with traffic rules. It had a green light and was making a left turn when the Honda Civic slammed into it in a devastating car crash.

The driver of the truck, 21, was injured and had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital. A passenger in the truck, 56, was also taken to a hospital by ambulance. Both the driver and the passenger of the truck are residents of Pittsburgh.

After smashing into the truck and injuring its driver and passenger, the man driving the Honda Civic also hit another vehicle. That vehicle, a GMC Acadia SUV, was stopped at a red light. It was on Route 56, headed towards Leechburg, at the time. A woman, 39, was driving the SUV and had two children with her as passengers in the SUV.

This crash is under investigation and charges will likely be filed. In any case where one person is obviously at fault for a motor vehicle accident, those affected by it can pursue legal action and compensation for everything from severe injuries to emotional distress.