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Will your personality change after a brain injury?

Brain Injury
  October 7, 2019

You get injured seriously in a car accident. You lose consciousness and the first responders think you may not make it. While they are able to save your life, doctors quickly tell you that you suffered a traumatic brain injury. As you recover in the hospital, you begin researching brain injuries so that you will know what to expect. You…

The many types of traumatic brain injuries

Brain Injury
  September 24, 2019

Even though your skull is extremely strong, it’s possible you could suffer a traumatic brain injury in an accident. For example, a motor vehicle crash or fall from height has the potential to cause serious injury to your brain and surrounding areas. There are many types of traumatic brain injuries, including the following: Concussion: It’s not as severe as other…

A brain injury could mean the end of your current profession

Brain Injury
  August 22, 2019

The human brain is an incredible organ that is responsible for all of our conscious decisions and unconscious bodily functions that keep us alive, like breathing. Unfortunately, the brain is also delicate, meaning that it is easy to injure in certain circumstances, including situations the average American experiences every day. Traveling at high speeds inside a metal box is a…

Traumatic brain injuries can impact your health and job

Brain Injury
  July 23, 2019

Brain injuries are some of the most misunderstood injuries that people suffer. Your brain is in charge of everything from your respiration and heart rate to your ability to remember things and your personality. If you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it may not always be obvious at first. Delayed symptoms are common, and they differ from person to…

3 main dangers to your brain in a car crash

Brain Injury, Car Accidents
  July 2, 2019

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most serious injuries people can suffer in an automobile collision. Crashes account for about 14% of all TBIs. Unlike many other serious injuries, such as broken phones, TBIs can result from a number of risk factors in a crash. Broken bones, on the other hand, are usually the result of extreme pressure…

Brain-injured plaintiff in Pittsburgh lawsuit may settle

Brain Injury
  June 13, 2019

It is hard to fathom the challenges faced by victims of traumatic brain injuries. Compared to several traumatic injuries, such as the loss of a limb, there is no easy way to imagine how life may look after physical or chemical changes to the organ that dictates how we perceive everything within and around us. There are several laws that…

Traumatic brain injuries: Causes and prevention

Brain Injury
  May 22, 2019

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a life-changing event. TBIs are caused by head injuries that are severe enough to disrupt the way your brain normally functions. TBIs range from mild concussions to extended periods of unconsciousness that can cause memory loss or even death. TBIs are on the rise, according to the Center for Disease Control. Between 2006…

Lawsuits show possible abuse of brain injury patients

Brain Injury
  April 19, 2019

Serious injuries can do more than cause a few weeks of inconvenient recovery. They can end careers, disable bodies and cause lasting psychological trauma as well as physical pain. But few injuries are more serious and long-lasting than brain injuries. A pair of lawsuits may show a pattern of abuse and neglect at a facility caring for around 4,000 people…

What is a traumatic brain injury, and how does it affect people?

Brain Injury
  February 8, 2019

Head injuries happen all the time, from shaving accidents to broken noses. Thousands of Pennsylvanians have to seek treatment for a head injury every year. But the real danger with an otherwise minor problem is that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could be a consequence. What qualifies as a traumatic brain injury? A TBI is damage to the brain that…

College students at risk for traumatic brain injuries

Brain Injury
  January 22, 2019

Last fall, a 22-year-old college student at West Virginia University fell down the basement stairs at a fraternity house. After two-hours of lying unconscious, the Uniontown, Pennsylvania, native was brought to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Tragically, the young man is no longer able to communicate. While he is currently residing at a traumatic…