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Potential complications following a concussion

Brain Injury
  November 29, 2018

If you suffer a concussion, such as in a car accident or slip and fall, you’re sure to experience a variety of symptoms. While it’s your hope that these go away sooner rather than later, there’s no way of knowing the impact the injury will have on the rest of your life. Some of the most common symptoms of a…

Traumatic brain injuries linked to higher risk of suicide

Brain Injury
  November 9, 2018

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major public health problem, and a study earlier this year linked it to another major public health problem – suicide. Citing 2010 statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported nearly 2.5 million Americans sustained a TBI in 2010 and said TBI is a contributing factor to 30 percent of all injury-related deaths.…

Do helmets reduce traumatic brain injuries in ski accidents?

Brain Injury
  September 6, 2018

If you’ve been skiing for decades, you’ve probably noticed in recent years that more skiers are wearing helmets. If you’re still fairly new to the sport, you may never have known a time when they weren’t a regular sight on the slopes. In the Rental Center at nearby Seven Springs Mountain Resort, you’ll even find a Somerset Hospital Helmet Zone,…

What should you do after a concussion?

Brain Injury
  August 9, 2018

If you have any reason to believe that you suffered a concussion, such as after a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall, you should immediately seek medical attention. Assuming that you can recover on your own is a mistake, especially since you don’t know the extent of your injury. The primary treatment for a concussion is rest. However, your…

The many symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury

Brain Injury
  May 30, 2018

Depending on your profession, you may realize that you put yourself in harm’s way day after day. For example, if you work in the construction industry, there’s always a chance you could suffer a head injury, such as the result of a trip and fall or an object falling from above. A mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) can impact your…

Brain re-growth? Neurolasticity after a traumatic brain injury

Brain Injury
  May 16, 2018

Having a loved one suffer a traumatic brain injury (TMI) is painful and tragic to deal with. Perhaps you are weighed down with uncertainty as to how they will recover and how life will be altered moving forward. It is completely understandable to have many questions and emotions that arise out of the unknown. One thing that is known is…

What caregivers should know about traumatic brain injury

Brain Injury
  March 29, 2018

It is rarely easy to deal with a traumatic brain injury-not as a patient, and not as a caregiver. The road to recovery is long and difficult. Even after treatment and therapy, your lives may never be the same. As a new caregiver to someone who has a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you are probably wondering what to expect. While…

Suffering a brain injury could lead to early dementia

Brain Injury
  March 5, 2018

Pennsylvania athletes and residents who have suffered concussions and traumatic brain injuries throughout their lives may be interested to learn that these injuries could lead to an increased risk in the development of Alzheimer’s earlier in life. It is still not known how traumatic brain injuries actually contribute to the early development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The study analyzed…

Study finds traumatic brain injuries increase risk of dementia

Brain Injury
  February 23, 2018

Traumatic brain injury patients in Pennsylvania and around the world may have an increased risk of developing dementia, according to a new study. The study was conducted by researchers from Umeå University in Sweden. Researchers identified 3 million Swedish patients who received a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury or dementia between the years of 1964 and 2012. They then compared…

New blood test to detect brain injuries FDA approved

Brain Injury
  February 20, 2018

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are becoming more common as diagnosis and treatment methods improve. This injury is caused by a bump or a blow to the head that disrupts normal brain function, but not all bumps to the head cause TBI. Cases range from mild to severe and can result in death. In the most severe cases, TBI can cause…