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How wrong-way highway accidents happen

Car Accidents
  August 19, 2022

A head-on collision with a vehicle going the wrong direction on the highway is one of the scariest and most dangerous types of car accidents that happen in Pittsburgh. The sheer force of two (or more) vehicles crashing directly into each other at highway speeds can easily cause fatal injury or permanent disability. Tragically, two people died in a recent…

The risks of internal bleeding after a car accident

Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries
  July 21, 2022

A car crash can lead to a variety of injuries. Many of these injuries — like cuts  —are immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, other injuries may hide deep in the body, and symptoms may not appear for some time after a collision. Internal bleeding is one injury that may not be immediately known after an accident. What can cause internal bleeding? In…

Daylight saving time often leads to dangerous roads

Car Accidents
  February 17, 2022

Dangerous road conditions can lead to devastating motor vehicle collisions. Motorists often share the road with impaired drivers, distracted drivers and inexperienced drivers. Additionally, environmental factors often play a part in hazardous city streets and troublesome highways. While drivers must often navigate snow, rain, fog and wind, twice a year they also must deal with an abrupt time change that…

The risks of drowsy driving

Car Accidents
  October 26, 2021

In the past, you may not have intended to drive while you were sleepy. Whether intended, driving without sleep is a leading factor behind motor vehicle accidents. In Pennsylvania, your lack of sleep is a hazard that puts you and others on the road at risk of harm. Some people choose to drive without sleep, however, because they’re unaware of…

Blind spots and car accidents

Car Accidents
  October 11, 2021

A lot of car accidents in Pennsylvania involve mistakes made around blind spots, or those “no zones” near vehicles where the drivers can’t see. The blind spots on large trucks are especially dangerous because they are larger than most other vehicles. However, awareness of blind spots is critical for every driver. Be aware of your own blind spots Motor vehicle…

Are accidents worse on rural roads?

Car Accidents
  September 9, 2021

While most urban communities in Pennsylvania are designed by city planners, many of the rural roads are actually renovated farming trails that have historically been used as commercial transportation routes. The result is a combination of designed highways and traditional roadways that can create some difficult transportation issues. Rural road perils One of the primary issues with rural roads in…

Understanding risky driving habits

Car Accidents
  July 13, 2021

Most residents of Pennsylvania know that using cellphones behind the wheel is dangerous, but they may not understand that phones are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding risk and driving. Recent research has shown that cellphones alone aren’t the only concern among dangerous drivers. However, cellphone use can act as a warning sign. Connected behaviors…

Do insurance companies cover road rage incidents?

Car Accidents
  June 15, 2021

Engaging in road rage in Pennsylvania could put you and other motorists and passengers in danger. It might seem safe to assume that if you get in an accident, your insurance company will cover the damages. However, many insurance companies don’t cover accidents caused by road rage, leaving you to foot the bill. How could road rage affect your coverage?…

Four common dangerous driving habits

Car Accidents
  May 13, 2021

Getting into a car accident can have devastating effects on your health or could even end your life. It’s important that you stay safe while driving to reduce the risk of a collision. Here are some of the most dangerous driving habits in Pennsylvania that you should avoid. Using your phone Almost everyone has a cellphone, and many people don’t…

The “100 deadliest days” are dangerous for everyone

Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents
  April 26, 2021

When getting behind the wheel of a car, you do your best to avoid car accidents. You pay attention to the rules of the road, you don’t engage in distracted driving, and you’re aware of what other drivers are doing around you. In spite of all you do to avoid an accident, that may be harder to do once the…