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Daylight Saving Time Affects Driving Dangers

Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents
  November 6, 2020

Pennsylvania is among the many states that adjust their clock for daylight savings time. When the annual “fall back” happens, darkness comes even sooner. That leaves many people driving home from work under nighttime driving conditions, which can increase the odds of suffering a motor vehicle accident. Many other potential dangers arise with the yearly time changes that impact most…

Vital Steps to Take after a Car Accident

Car Accidents, Personal Injury
  October 21, 2020

Maybe you suffered serious injuries in a car accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shock and the stress can easily lead victims to omit certain important steps after the crash. Below is a summary of what victims ideally should be able to do immediately following the incident. Checking for injuries and calling the police Both parties in a crash should first…

How Speeding Can Affect an Auto Accident Injury Claim

Car Accidents
  September 23, 2020

Speeding is likely the most common driving infraction that happens on the open highways in Pennsylvania. Many drivers who are attempting to stay within the legal limits find themselves in a battle with other vehicle operators who are not as respectful. This includes respect for other drivers as well respect for the law. Speeding is one indication that drivers could…

Femur Fractures Caused by Car Crashes

Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury
  August 22, 2020

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of femur fractures for drivers living in Pennsylvania and across the United States, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. These types of fractures are extremely painful and can lead to permanent disabilities. What types of car accidents lead to femur fractures? The femur is a long bone that runs from your…

Distracted Driving Makes Roadways More Dangerous

Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents
  August 18, 2020

According to a study commissioned by Netradyne, concerns about distracted driving are on the rise. The study included 1,248 drivers in Pennsylvania and throughout America who were 18 and older and who had a standard license. Furthermore, the participants either drove their own car or drove a car owned by family members at least once a week. Distracted driving is…

Turn Signals Play Key Role in Preventing Traffic Accidents

Car Accidents
  August 7, 2020

No one ever wants to become involved in an automobile accident. Drivers, law enforcement personnel and car manufacturers are all part of a concerted effort to reduce the number of accidents that take place in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. It turns out that turn signals may play a much larger role in driver safety than many people realize. Members…

Studies reveal that SUVs pose a serious threat to pedestrians

Car Accidents
  July 22, 2020

The number of pedestrians struck and killed by motor vehicles in Pennsylvania and around the country rose by a worrying 53% between 2009 and 2018, and many road safety experts believe that the popularity of large pickup trucks and SUVs is largely to blame. Most cars and minivans have low bumpers and sloping hoods that generally cause lower-leg injuries when…

Teens must be safer drivers during 100 deadliest days

Car Accidents
  July 8, 2020

Someone you know was seriously injured in a car accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and you may be wondering if that person can recover damages. To answer this will require knowledge of the state’s no-fault insurance laws and negligence laws. And everything depends on proving the other side’s negligence. Teen drivers, in particular, are known for being negligent and reckless. The…

100 deadliest days prompt need for safer teen drivers

Car Accidents
  July 7, 2020

Pennsylvania residents should exercise caution at all times on the road but especially during the summer. This is because more teens are out on the road and liable to cause a crash. Every year between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the number of fatalities stemming from teen driving crashes increases. The period is widely known as the 100 deadliest days.…

Negotiating with the insurance company

Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents
  June 22, 2020

Insurance companies do not generally write big checks willingly after an accident. It is an expense for them that comes out of their bottom line. This does not mean that they will not settle a claim for a reasonable amount, however. The claimant just needs to negotiate with the insurance company in order to achieve their rightful settlement. The most…