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Tips for Helping a Loved One Recover From a Serious Accident

Catastrophic Injuries
  August 17, 2022

If someone you love was recently hurt in a catastrophic accident, you might be unsure of how you can help your loved one through the recovery process. Helping them get organized Your loved one likely has a lot going on after a severe accident – and that comes with a lot of paperwork and appointments to manage. It can be…

The Risks of Internal Bleeding After a Car Accident

Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries
  July 21, 2022

A car crash can lead to a variety of injuries. Many of these injuries — like cuts  —are immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, other injuries may hide deep in the body, and symptoms may not appear for some time after a collision. Internal bleeding is one injury that may not be immediately known after an accident. What can cause internal bleeding? In…

The Medical Challenges Faced by a Paralysis Victim

Catastrophic Injuries
  February 2, 2022

The severe motor vehicle collision led to a crushing blow to your back, leading to fractured vertebrae and a damaged spinal cord. As a result of this serious injury, you have lost the use of your legs. Along with the pain and suffering is a long list of medical complications that come with paralysis. The combination of physical and mental…

Severe Burn Victims Must Address Ongoing Challenges

Catastrophic Injuries
  January 27, 2022

Your life changed forever on that short drive to the shopping center. It was nothing you did, rather the actions of distracted driver led to the fiery crash that caused severe burns on more than half of your body. With a strong will to live and expert medical attention, you battle through the pain and suffering, knowing that your recovery…

Explaining a Pain and Suffering Multiplier?

Catastrophic Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury
  January 7, 2021

Many car accident victims in Pennsylvania are entitled to a settlement paid out by the other driver or their insurance company. When most people think about filing a claim, they’re looking for compensation for their vehicle damages and medical bills. However, a settlement doesn’t just cover the physical damage from the car accident. The victim might also receive compensation for…

Recovering from a spinal cord injury

Catastrophic Injuries
  July 21, 2020

Injuries happen because accidents are a part of life. However, many of the injuries suffered by individuals in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are minor. This is why it is especially shocking for you when a major accident has left your suffering from a catastrophic injury. While the pain associated with a spinal cord injury is in the forefront of your mind,…

Semi-autonomous cars a source of driver distraction

Catastrophic Injuries
  February 21, 2020

You were injured in a car crash and found that the initiator of the crash was driving a semi-autonomous vehicle. If the driver was not drunk or negligent in some other obvious way, then it could be that the very technology meant to assist the driver led him or her to become distracted. Distracted driving crashes are not uncommon in…

4 mental symptoms of a serious brain injury

Catastrophic Injuries
  September 5, 2019

People often understand some of the physical symptoms associated with brain injuries. These include not being able to keep your balance, severe headaches or seizures. While it is very important to know what these symptoms mean and when you need to get medical help, remember that it is not all about the physical issues. Many mental symptoms can also show…

Recognizing the signs of post-traumatic stress after trauma

Catastrophic Injuries
  July 26, 2019

When someone survives a horrific injury other accident, most people immediately respond with the thought, “At least they survived.” Unfortunately, for the victim of some of the most catastrophic accidents, survival may sometimes seem less of a blessing than others may think. When a victim is left with massive injuries, amputations, burns, paralysis and other injuries that will never go…

Resolution of suit after Heinz Field death will be confidential

Catastrophic Injuries
  June 26, 2019

Pittsburgh is known all over the world as a city that takes its sports seriously. The tenacity and dedication of baseball, hockey and football spectators has made the Steel City a very imposing prospect for away teams. Unfortunately, things can occasionally get out of hand. We may never know who is found responsible for the death of a man at…