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Hazing tragedy at Pennsylvania university leads to guilty pleas

Catastrophic Injuries
  April 5, 2019

Any injury can feel like a robbery. People must spend precious time in recovery, they have high expenses at a time when it is harder to earn and some lifestyle changes may last for a lifetime. Some accidents and actions are dangerous enough to cause death, and survivors of victims can feel quite lost. This may be especially true if…

Man sues in Pennsylvania court over fireworks injury

Catastrophic Injuries
  January 25, 2019

People are injured in Pennsylvania every day. Fortunately, people are seriously hurt far less often. Dangerous jobs or situations, such as construction work or winter sports, are statistically more likely to cause a catastrophic injury. But carelessness by others may cause an injury or illness that victims need financial help to recover. A new personal injury lawsuit filed in the…

Catastrophic injuries due to car accidents: a guide

Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries
  October 26, 2018

When an individual is in a particularly bad car accident, catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon. According to reports, car accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries, accounting for nearly 50 percent. As far as traumatic brain injuries go, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor…

Car accidents and catastrophic injuries

Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries
  August 9, 2018

Catastrophic injuries are just that, injuries that are devastating to the affected individual. Most catastrophic injuries occur after a serious car or truck accident and have a lasting effect on the injured. If a driver hit you or a loved one and caused a catastrophic injury, the driver should take responsibility for their actions. You may be entitled to compensation.…

Are geckos the key to spinal cord regeneration?

Catastrophic Injuries
  June 29, 2018

Consider the gecko. These small lizards, have an ingenious way of escaping their predators — they break off their tails. But that’s not even the coolest thing these reptiles do, as they possess the ability to regenerate their severed appendages in only a month’s time. As researchers at Canada’s University of Guelph learned, gecko tails and spinal cords have special…

Crush injuries: Important things to know

Catastrophic Injuries
  June 14, 2018

A crush injury is exactly what it sounds like. This is when a crushing force is applied to one particular area of the body (or the whole thing). This type of accident can result in major bone fractures, hemorrhagic shock, organ rupture and many other serious conditions. In the event of a crush injury, fast and efficient treatment is an…