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Uber Frustrating: Rideshares Eliminate Coverage for Drivers and Occupants

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  March 12, 2024

Call it what you will – a coverage tragedy, a series of unfortunate events, or a situation that can be expressed with a sequence of four-letter words unfit for publication.  Informing your injured client that there is no coverage for their car accident is an unsavory task.  If your client is a driver or passenger […]

3 Factors That Put You at Heightened Risk of a Multi-Car Collision

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  February 19, 2023

Motor vehicle collisions occur for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, one person drives while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Distraction caused by mobile devices can also affect the abilities and focus of a driver and lead to a serious collision. The vast majority of collisions involve two cars but some of them involved multiple vehicles. Multi-car collisions or…

Is a Bar Partially to Blame for a Drunk Driving Wreck?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  November 8, 2022

Between the information shared in driver’s training courses and public awareness campaigns, drivers are fully aware of how alcohol might impact their ability to operate a vehicle safely. Many of them just choose to ignore that information and get behind the wheel after drinking anyway. Obviously, someone who breaks the law and does something that every other driver knows to…

How Do Teenagers Cause Auto Accidents?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  October 10, 2022

Many people learn to drive a car during their teen years – it’s just one of many things teenagers learn to do when growing up. Pennsylvania laws state that anyone 16 years of age or older can get a learner’s permit. Teens who earn their permit may drive to school, grocery stores or friends’ houses. You may have been in…

Is Someone Other Than the Drunk Driver to Blame for the Crash?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  August 11, 2022

Every driver’s education course will teach the students enrolled about the dangers of drinking and driving. Even if it has been years since someone attended such courses, there are public awareness campaigns that put out billboards, as well as ads on the radio and television. Drunk driving crashes are often a plot device used in popular media, so the reality…

How to Avoid Accidents During Winter

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  November 12, 2021

Winter weather can be a dangerous time for motorists in Pennsylvania. Packed snow and ice, changing road conditions, and reduced visibility all lead to increased motor vehicle accidents during the winter months. To drive safely in winter, here’s what you need to know. Take it slow Be extra cautious, and plan ahead to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Drive slowly so…

Road Safety Tips When School Starts in Pennsylvania

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  August 12, 2021

As students are getting back to school, all drivers in Pennsylvania need to proceed with caution to protect the lives of children and other people on the road. The reopening of schools after the summer calls for more care because more people are using the road to commute, including teens who have just obtained their licenses. Here are some of…

Sharing the Road to Prevent Accidents With Slow Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  July 26, 2021

Pennsylvania law encourages all drivers to move at a considerable speed and maintain safe distances with others. However, some cars and horse-drawn vehicles go their own way, and their negligence may cause motor vehicle accidents. The following are tips to assist drivers in Pennsylvania when sharing the road with slower vehicles. Pass slowly Most drivers become too impatient when running…

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  July 20, 2021

In Pennsylvania, distracted driving problems have substantially increased over the past two decades as more and more people have purchased smartphones. While texting has been a factor in the increase in distracted driving accidents, smartphones are not the only contributor to these types of collisions. Any activity that forces you to take your attention away from the road can cause…

Does Shift Work Contribute to Car Accidents?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  July 15, 2021

Shift work comes with its challenges. The work itself might not be an issue with some employees, but driving home late at night on Pennsylvania roads brings its worries. Night driving has some hazards not present during the day, and worker fatigue may increase the dangers. Shift work, driving and accident dangers Sleep disorders could contribute to the increased risk…