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What are the most common eye injuries in the workplace?

Personal Injury
  March 31, 2021

Each year, 800,000 eye injuries occur, and approximately 90 percent of the injuries are preventable. Some of the most common eye injuries include lacerations, punctures, and chemical burns. The injuries often occur in transportation, production, and service industries. Eye injuries result in approximately $300 million annually in production time, worker’s compensation, and medical bills, according to the Department of Labor.…

Are property owners responsible for slips and falls?

Personal Injury
  February 17, 2021

Slip-and-fall accidents could happen anywhere in Pennsylvania. The winter may bring more significant risks for accidents due to ice and snow, but even leaves strewn on sidewalks during the fall season might lead people to slip, fall and suffer an injury. Persons walking around inside a store may trip no matter what season. Ultimately, someone who slips and falls on…

What to know about third-party work injury claims

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation
  February 10, 2021

Injured workers in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, may file a worker’s compensation claim for work-related injuries without having to prove fault. Worker’s comp relieves employers from getting sued by an employee, but it doesn’t pay full wages or pain and suffering. In some cases, the worker could bring a lawsuit against a third party responsible for their injuries. Basics of third-party claim…

Preventing Eye Injuries at Work

Personal Injury
  January 7, 2021

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a location with many job opportunities in the factory or mechanical industry. These industries often lend themselves to most workplace injuries, including eye injuries, which are preventable. There are several types of eye injuries that may occur in the workplace, which lead to workers’ compensation claims. It is important to protect yourself, however, to prevent these injuries.…

Explaining a pain and suffering multiplier?

Catastrophic Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury
  January 7, 2021

Many car accident victims in Pennsylvania are entitled to a settlement paid out by the other driver or their insurance company. When most people think about filing a claim, they’re looking for compensation for their vehicle damages and medical bills. However, a settlement doesn’t just cover the physical damage from the car accident. The victim might also receive compensation for…

Vital steps to take after a car accident

Car Accidents, Personal Injury
  October 21, 2020

Maybe you suffered serious injuries in a car accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shock and the stress can easily lead victims to omit certain important steps after the crash. Below is a summary of what victims ideally should be able to do immediately following the incident. Checking for injuries and calling the police Both parties in a crash should first…

Femur fractures caused by car crashes

Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury
  August 22, 2020

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of femur fractures for drivers living in Pennsylvania and across the United States, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. These types of fractures are extremely painful and can lead to permanent disabilities. What types of car accidents lead to femur fractures? The femur is a long bone that runs from your…

Vehicle safety features can be beneficial, but not always

Personal Injury
  July 25, 2020

Advanced driver-assistance systems can be of great benefit to drivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, they are not perfect, and in fact, they have been known to contribute, albeit indirectly, to car accidents. Perhaps you were in such an accident yourself. Perhaps the other driver, relying too much on ADAS, thought it was fine to use the phone behind the wheel.…

Rural roads less safe for drivers than urban roads

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury
  June 8, 2020

Drivers in Pennsylvania may be skeptical of this claim, but rural roads tend to be more dangerous than urban roads. The following are just a few of the reasons why drivers should exercise caution on rural roads. First is that rural areas can create a false sense of security in drivers. They may think that they can travel down the…

What can I do if I lose a loved one in a fatal car accident?

Personal Injury
  March 5, 2020

When a loved one is unexpectedly killed in a car accident, it can be one of the most difficult experiences family members and loved ones face. It is helpful for surviving family members to be familiar with the legal protections available to them when they have wrongfully lost a loved one in a car accident. What are common causes of…