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Winter weather and slip-and-fall accidents: Watch your step

Personal Injury
  October 16, 2018

As a Pittsburgh resident, you know that winter has the potential to bring many types of weather to the area. From rain to snow, from ice to sleet, there’s no telling what will come next. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance, so you must become familiar with the common causes of wintertime slip-and-fall accidents. Ice and snow accumulation:…

Wrongful death and survivor lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Personal Injury
  June 1, 2018

When a loved one dies after a catastrophic accident, there are many different emotions and stressors impacting the family left behind. When death is the result of a catastrophic accident caused by another’s negligence, there are two different statutes in Pennsylvania that compensate the family for the loss: wrongful death and survival claims. You have two years after the death…

Does your loved one need a power of attorney?

Personal Injury
  May 2, 2018

Watching someone come to terms with a traumatic brain injury is never easy. They are more vulnerable than they ever thought they would be, and they’re looking to you for support that you never thought you would need to give. On the one hand, this is still your loved one and that hasn’t changed, but on the other hand, there…

The lasting effects of a personal injury case

Personal Injury
  April 20, 2018

A personal injury case can leave lasting effects on not only the person at the center of it, but also the person’s entire family. There are a variety of issues that can stem from a personal injury case that are much more than the actual pain involved with the injury. It’s best to learn about these effects now in the…