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Whiplash is the painful result of many rear-end car accidents

Spinal Cord Injuries
  July 31, 2015

Though some bodily injuries are readily apparent after an accident, like bleeding or broken bones, other times a victim may feel fine at first, only for symptoms to emerge later on. One of the most common delayed-onset injuries is whiplash. The symptoms of whiplash can take up to 24 hours after an accident to emerge, even though it is usually…

What is a neurogenic bladder?

Spinal Cord Injuries
  June 3, 2015

From the outside, probably the most obvious effect of a spinal cord injury is paralysis. However, damage to the spinal cord can cause other complications that affect the person’s independence and dignity. As the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation discusses on its website, most spinal cord injuries affect bladder control, because the nerves that control the bladder are at the…

Handcycles let spinal cord injury victims compete in marathons

Spinal Cord Injuries
  May 18, 2015

The Pittsburgh Marathon took place a few weeks back. Racers and spectators may have noticed that not every participant was on foot. Some people, likely with spinal cord injuries, were using handcycles to compete. The human spine can be damaged in many incidents. Here in Pittsburgh, perhaps the most likely causes include auto accidents and workplace disasters. For those in…

What is paraplegia?

Spinal Cord Injuries
  May 5, 2015

As we discussed in our April 22 blog post, spinal cord injuries can cause lifelong disability. After suffering a spinal injury in a car accident or on the job, the location and extent of the injury largely determines what parts of your body will be paralyzed. Injuries that occur high enough on the spinal cord, the victim may develop quadriplegia,…

What affects how severe a spinal cord injury is?

Spinal Cord Injuries
  April 22, 2015

Waking up in the hospital after a car accident to find that you cannot feel your legs, or perhaps even most of your body, is a terrifying prospect. Some spinal injury victims eventually regain total or partial bodily function, but a lot of others never do. The extent a spinal cord injury affects your body, and what parts of the…