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FMCSA announces withdrawal of sleep apnea rule

Truck Accidents
  August 7, 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that a proposed rule that would require some truck drivers in Pennsylvania and around the country to undergo mandatory sleep apnea testing will be withdrawn on August 7. The rule was originally proposed to clear up ambiguity about when truck drivers with a high risk of developing the debilitating sleep disorder should…

Almost 2,000 trucks ordered out of service during safety blitz

Truck Accidents
  August 2, 2017

Pennsylvania residents may be surprised to learn that a recent one-day safety blitz conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance led to almost 2,000 semi-tractor trailers being ordered off the road. The nonprofit association of trade groups and national and local traffic safety officials concentrated on commercial vehicle braking systems during Brake Safety Day on May 3, and the group…

Rise in fatal truck and bus accidents

Truck Accidents
  July 17, 2017

Pennsylvania motorists may not know that the number of large commercial trucks and buses involved in fatal accidents around the country increased by 8 percent in 2015 according to data from NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that the large truck involvement rate, which is based on the number of fatal crashes for each…

New rule rolled out after delay

Truck Accidents
  June 20, 2017

After delays brought on by the Trump administration, a new rule that impacts new drivers took effect on June 5. The rule requires truckers in Pennsylvania and around the country who receive their CDL on or after Feb. 7, 2020 to take behind-the-wheel training. However, there is no minimum number of hours of such training needed to get a license.…

HHS delays approval of hair testing for drug use by truckers

Truck Accidents
  May 23, 2017

It may not be possible for companies in Pennsylvania and throughout the country to use hair testing to detect drug use because the Department of Health and Human Services has failed to issue guidelines. In December 2015, a bill was passed that set a Dec. 4, 2016 deadline for the HHS to set guidelines, but the department failed to act.…

Autonomous trucks will bring changes to the industry

Truck Accidents
  May 8, 2017

Pennsylvania big rig drivers may see a number of changes in the industry if autonomous trucks are introduced, but at a public meeting of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it became clear that some concerns and regulations must first be addressed. One that was raised was the need for tractor-trailers to have manned controls. A safety example put forth…

More large trucks involved in crashes in Pennsylvania

Truck Accidents
  April 18, 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration publishes an annual report called Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts. It includes information about large trucks, ones that weigh upwards of 10,000 pounds, that have been involved in accidents. According to the 2015 report, the number of trucks that were involved in fatal crashes as well as accidents that took place both increased.…

Remote control autonomous trucking

Truck Accidents
  March 16, 2017

Commercial truck drivers in Kentucky may soon be able to take advantage of the technology created by an autonomous trucking startup company that would allow commercial trucks to be remotely operated. The system created by the San Francisco-based company uses radar and camera systems on the sides and front of the vehicle to allow drivers to control the truck remotely…

Truck drivers in poor health crash more often

Truck Accidents
  February 21, 2017

A published study has revealed that truck drivers in Pennsylvania and around the country who suffer from medical conditions like heart disease and lower back pain are far more likely to be involved in accidents.. Researchers from the University of Utah School of Medicine came to this conclusion after studying the accident histories and driving records of slightly fewer than…

FMCSA announces commercial driver’s license rule delay

Truck Accidents
  February 8, 2017

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in learning that one of Donald Trump’s first actions after moving into the Oval Office was to order government agencies to wait 60 days before implementing any new federal regulations. The president’s Jan. 20 memorandum prompted the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to announce that a rule concerning the training required for someone to obtain…