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3 ways employers expose staff to harmful substances or environments

Workers' Compensation
  May 8, 2023

Any job involves some degree of personal risk, but some occupations are far more dangerous than other forms of employment. For example, there are careers that put a worker directly in harm’s way by exposing them either to hazardous substances or environments. Employers typically have obligations to their workers if their job responsibilities could result in personal risk. Disclosure to…

Violence against nurses is on the rise

Workers' Compensation
  April 13, 2023

Violence against nurses has always been an issue. Patients may lash out violently when nurses are simply trying to help them. This sometimes happens because people don’t want specific types of treatment. It can also happen if the patient is dealing with a cognitive or mental disorder. Perhaps they have dementia and do not realize that the nurse is trying…

What happens to workers injured by machinery or robots?

Workers' Compensation
  January 12, 2023

When people think of technologically advanced employment, they often think of Silicon Valley, not Pittsburgh. However, from cutting-edge medical facilities to manufacturing companies, there are many businesses that may have complex machines and even robots performing work alongside humans. Robots and similar machinery help reduce the physical wear on workers caused by performing their jobs. They also reduce the likelihood…

Safety tips when working on a ladder

Workers' Compensation
  December 13, 2022

Many serious workplace injuries happen when someone slips and falls from a ladder. Even a relatively good landing could result in something like a broken ankle or a fractured wrist. But a poor landing could lead to something like a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury. People even pass away in these accidents every year. Clearly, you want…

Why you shouldn’t use health insurance for a work injury

Workers' Compensation
  September 9, 2022

Maybe you fell off of a ladder while dusting a display and ended up with a concussion, or perhaps one of your co-workers accidentally backed over your foot in a company vehicle and broke two of your bones. When you get hurt at work, the injuries that you suffer can require emergency medical care and possibly ongoing treatment. Especially if…

How much will workers’ compensation disability pay you?

Workers' Compensation
  July 28, 2022

One of the worst things about getting hurt at work is that you need to take a leave of absence to recover. The more severe your injury is, the more time you may go without a steady paycheck. Unless you purchased a private disability policy of your own, you will likely depend on workers’ compensation to help replace your paycheck…

5 deadly construction site accidents

Workers' Compensation
  March 29, 2022

With clear weather on the horizon, Pennsylvania construction workers will soon begin to see their schedules quickly filling up. From road construction and renovation projects to full-scale site erection, huge projects will soon begin to take shape. Unfortunately, construction workers face serious bodily harm no matter the size or scope of the project. While every jobsite is unique, there are…

Avoid these 4 mistakes regarding workers’ compensation benefits

Workers' Compensation
  February 22, 2022

Naturally, an on-the-job injury has brought significant concerns. As a result, you may temporarily be unable to work. However, you understand that worker’s compensation benefits are available since your employer pays for such insurance. Promptly seek these benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. There should be no hesitation to apply for them. Too many times we learn about the…

Overlooked dangers that confront public safety workers

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation
  February 9, 2022

We know about the obvious risks faced by public safety workers. Just about every say, law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics face dangers that the average person would not expect on the job. Natural disasters, illnesses and physical attacks are among these risks that may lead to injuries requiring hospitalization. However, some hazards often remain overlooked by the very people…

Eye protection may prevent most workplace eye injuries

Workers' Compensation
  September 24, 2021

Many people in Pennsylvania work on job sites where there is a risk of eye injury. Even if you don’t work in the construction industry, you may work around chemicals, steam or fluids that could potentially damage your eyes. Eye injuries are common Each day in the US, around 2,000 workers sustain eye injuries on the job, according to the…