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OSHA targeting unsafe workplaces for health care employees

Workers' Compensation
  July 15, 2015

Ironically, people whose job it is to help sick and injured people get better are at serious risk of getting hurt themselves. Nurses and other health care professionals routinely develop musculoskeletal injuries from having to lift and handle patients’ bodies. Not only that, but catching illnesses and suffering from workplace violence and slips and falls are also common events. The…

What can cause burns at work?

Workers' Compensation
  June 17, 2015

Burn injuries are among the most painful ways a person can get hurt on the job. There are many ways a worker can suffer a burn, which can cause terrible scarring and deformation in those who survive. The University of New Mexico Hospitals provide a good description of the various ways the human body can be burned. The hospital’s website…

Workers’ compensation and how it works for you

Workers' Compensation
  June 5, 2015

Workers’ compensation is activated when you are injured while on the job or get a work-related sickness. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, has a contingency in it in case you need your medical fees paid. It also offers wage compensation while you are recuperating. In the very unfortunate event that a person perishes on the job, the surviving family will…

More about Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

Workers' Compensation
  April 27, 2015

It has been a couple of weeks since we shared an overview of Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system with our readers. At the end of that post, we mentioned that injured or sickened workers have the right to appeal when they are unhappy with the initial result. Expanding on that reference, today we will discuss the workers’ compensation appeals process in…

How do workers’ compensation claims work in Pennsylvania?

Workers' Compensation
  April 8, 2015

A person who gets hurt or sick at work will probably care more about getting their rightful compensation as soon as possible than knowing the nuts and bolts of the workers’ compensation process. However, for those looking for a brief overview, here is a summary of how workers’ compensation works in Pennsylvania, as provided by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.…