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How Telecommuting Affects Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers' Compensation
  March 12, 2021

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act makes it possible for individuals to receive financial compensation for injuries they sustain in the workplace. These are injuries that happen while participating in acts to further the interests of an employer. Employees that perform their job duties from home are eligible for the same protections. However, there are additional considerations for telecommuters who get…

What to Know about Third-Party Work Injury Claims

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation
  February 10, 2021

Injured workers in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, may file a worker’s compensation claim for work-related injuries without having to prove fault. Worker’s comp relieves employers from getting sued by an employee, but it doesn’t pay full wages or pain and suffering. In some cases, the worker could bring a lawsuit against a third party responsible for their injuries. Basics of third-party claim…

Fatigue: A Cause of Workplace Accidents

Workers' Compensation
  January 25, 2021

There’s no doubt that fatigue can be extremely dangerous in the workplace. For some, that danger is simply financial while others may end up dealing with serious injuries or even death. In fact, according to The National Safety Council, over 13% of Pennsylvania employees suffer a workplace injury due to a lack of sleep. The following includes more information on…

Study Reveals the Dangers of Digital Distractions on the Job

Workers' Compensation
  September 29, 2020

The quarterly magazine Screen Education has released a study called Digital Distraction & Workplace Safety, which should interest all workers in Pennsylvania. As part of the study, researchers conducted a survey of 1,019 employees in the U.S. Distractions lead to accidents It turns out that the average worker wastes 2.5 hours of each workday accessing digital content with no connection…

Pennsylvania Welders Often Risk Many Dangers

Workers' Compensation
  September 10, 2020

Welding requires a high degree of skill, experience and safety to complete. High heat, heavy objects and lots of electricity for powering an arc welder or similar welding tool will put a worker at risk of various dangers while welding. Skilled welders are highly adept at working safely, but accidents still happen. When they do, workers’ comp claims may arise.…

Preventing Workplace Ladder Falls

Workers' Compensation
  August 27, 2020

Falls are some of the most common causes of on-the-job injuries in Pennsylvania and around the country, and about one in five fall-related injuries is suffered by a worker using ladders. This kind of accident is especially common on construction sites, and emergency room records reveal that fall injuries treated in hospitals involve a ladder approximately 81% of the time.…

Safety measures can reduce workplace electricity accidents.

Workers' Compensation
  August 6, 2020

Workers in Pennsylvania know that strict safety procedures are critical to providing a healthy workspace. Companies and manufacturers set up rules and regulations that need to be followed to help ensure that everyone on the job stays safe. In spite of this, accidents do happen, and people are injured or killed in workplace accidents. Over a thousand people are killed…

Construction-related falls and what to do to avoid them

Workers' Compensation
  July 18, 2020

A significant number of workers’ compensation claims in the construction industry involve a fall from an elevated surface. Construction workers and employers in Pennsylvania should know that fall-related injuries, more than other injuries, can leave victims dealing with severe injuries to multiple parts of the body and thus lead to more time off work. There are ways to prevent construction-related…

How nurses avoid injuries and illness on the job

Workers' Compensation
  July 2, 2020

Nurses in Pennsylvania are exposed to many safety hazards that can contribute to an injury or illness. If someone has been injured on the job, they may file for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers have the right to deny benefits if injured employees were at fault for their own injuries, so nurses may want to consider the following ways that they…

Tips for making a perilous occupation safer

Workers' Compensation
  June 1, 2020

Because construction work is one of the most hazardous occupations, construction workers in Pennsylvania and across the nation are injured or die in a work-related accident due to electrified wires, large and dangerous equipment and materials, poor weather conditions and other factors. However, by taking several precautionary safety measures, construction crew leaders can help make construction work sites safer. Here…