Collision avoidance systems can increase road safety

Collision avoidance technologies may be helping Pennsylvania drivers and others across the country to avoid accidents and injuries on the road, according to research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These technologies, including lane departure warning systems and blind spot alerts, can help to cut down significantly on the number of car accidents, especially ones that cause injuries.

In the study, researchers examined more than 5,000 auto accidents throughout 2015 of the type that these technologies aimed to prevent. It also looked at what happened inside vehicles in the same period that were equipped with the anti-collision technologies. The IIHS found that the targeted crash types, including single-vehicle, head-on and sideswipe crashes, were down by 11 percent in vehicles that had the warning systems. More importantly, injury crashes were down by 21 percent in those same automobiles. The researchers said that their estimates showed that if all cars in 2015 had been equipped with safety systems, more than 55,000 roadway injuries could have been prevented.

While the systems were shown to be effective, results lagged behind two other studies that looked at these systems in 2015, one involving U.S. commercial trucks and the other Swedish Volvo cars. In both of those studies, the relevant crash types were decreased by nearly 50 percent in vehicles with the warning technologies. Researchers pointed out that the lower level of reduction shown in the IIHS study could be attributed to drivers who switch off the systems to avoid audible noises.

While collision avoidance systems can help people stay safe on the road, dangerous and negligent driving strike all too often. Victims of car accidents caused by other people’s careless driving can speak with a personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of pursuing damages. A lawyer can help people injured in crashes seek compensation for their lost wages, medical expenses and other losses.