Common Car Crash Injuries and the Recovery Time Required

Over the course of a day, over 7,000 drivers across the country are involved in a series of minor and major car accidents. People in Pennsylvania might report minor cuts and scrapes or life-altering injuries after a crash. However, each injury affects the body differently and requires different treatment during the recovery process. Below, learn some of the most common injuries sustained by car crash victims and the type of recovery they would expect to experience.

Psychological trauma

Even if a person does not sustain any injuries, that does not mean they weren’t affected by the experience. After a car crash, a person might begin to feel a sense of depression or anxiety. This would affect their daily lives and may even lead to having to take time off from their job. Treatment for this type of trauma would involve speaking with a professional counselor who deals in these types of situations. There is no average time of recovery as everyone’s trauma is different.

Neck injuries like whiplash

Because most car accidents are unexpected, drivers are not prepared for the sudden movement of the car. This leads to the neck suddenly moving either forward or backward with the result being whiplash. Neck pain can be treated by over-the-counter medicine and typically subsides after a few days. However, if a person’s neck needs surgery, then the recovery could turn into weeks or even months.

Injuries to the central body

The very components that are created to take care of passengers in a car can also cause serious injury. Seat belts that suddenly tighten during an impact can harm a person’s collarbone or ribs. A vehicle’s airbags can also cause similar injuries. Fortunately, these two types of injuries don’t require too much treatment if surgery is not needed, and most people will heal naturally over the course of a few weeks.

Car accidents have the potential to result in permanent disabilities or long-term treatment. This is why you may want to consult with a legal attorney after your accident to learn about pursuing compensation.