Construction firms turning to more protective safety helmets

Pennsylvania construction workers should be informed about the risks associated with their occupation, including falls and serious, potentially life-threatening head trauma. In fact, researchers found that there were more than 2,200 fatal traumatic brain injuries between 2003 and 2010 even though workers are required to use protective headgear in risky areas. In order to decrease the hazards that construction work poses, some firms are making the move to updated protection equipment.

Typically, construction firms provide their workers with hard hats, which are designed to spread the impact of trauma across the shell of the hat. When this protective headgear works properly, the actual impact of the fall or the impact from a falling object is reduced, potentially protecting the worker against serious head injuries. This is accomplished with a suspension band and a pocket of air between the head and the shell of the hat.

Even though this technology has been used in the construction industry for decades, some construction firms are turning to headgear that is most commonly used in mountaineering and other extreme sports. This is because these protective helmets are designed to stay on a person’s head even if he or she experiences a sudden emergency. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is also reportedly working on providing a review of hard hats so that construction firms can provide workers with the most appropriate safety helmets.

If a construction worker suffers an injury in a workplace accident, there is a chance that he or she will be unable to work for some period of time depending on the severity of his or her injuries. Therefore, an injured worker may be eligible to receive benefits from his or her employer. A workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help injured employees seek benefits for medical expenses, a percentage of their income and other damages.