Dangerous Driving Habits

Even the most experienced drivers can get into car accidents at one point or another. However, with some suggestions in mind, drivers can lessen the possibility that they will be involved in a car collision. Residents of Pennsylvania and other states should avoid certain dangerous driving habits to lower the risk of a car accident.


Tailgating is when drivers follow the cars in front of them too closely. Drivers should usually stay two seconds behind another car, but sometimes, impatience and other factors make drivers follow a car too closely. However, if the car in front brakes fast, it might be difficult to avoid a collision when a driver is following another car too closely. Cars should keep their distance to avoid auto accidents.


Most people drive above the speed limit. However, driving far in excess of the speed limit can make it easier to lose control of a vehicle. Drivers should avoid speeding whenever possible, especially since speeding can make drivers a target of police.

Passing on the right

When drivers pass another car from the right, it can be more difficult for a driver to see that another car is passing. This is because a driver sits on the left side of the car, and a car passing from the right may be difficult to see using mirrors. Therefore, drivers should try and pass cars from the left whenever possible to avoid the possibility of auto accidents.

Talking on the phone while driving

Talking on the phone while driving is dangerous since this could distract a driver from what’s going on around them. In addition, talking on the phone might make it more difficult to handle the wheel. Drivers should avoid distractions while driving and contact an experienced auto accident attorney if they are involved in a car collision.