Dangers for teen drivers in the summer months

The American Automobile Association is cautioning teen drivers in Pennsylvania and throughout the country that the period between Memorial Day and the start of the next school year is traditionally considered the most dangerous for motor vehicle accidents. The increase is believed to be in part because more teens are on the road during this time. In the last five years, teen drivers were involved in accidents that caused an average of 1,022 deaths each year.

Distractions that include texting and talking on cellphones are among the major causes of car accidents. One study found that of more than 2,000 moderate to severe teen-related accidents between 2007 and 2015, 12 percent involved the use of a cellphone in some manner.

Texting and other activities that involved looking at the screen were found to be significantly more dangerous than simply talking on a cellphone. A driver who is texting is 23 times more likely to have an accident than a person who has no distractions, according to a study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

The consequences of car accidents that are caused by drivers of any age can be severe. A person may suffer serious injuries ranging from broken bones to paralysis that can require expensive medical care and treatment. Insurance companies may offer little compensation to injured people who may face a long recovery period and be unable to return to work for a prolonged period. As a result, people who are injured in an automobile accident might want to consult an attorney about their options, which might include filing a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident.