Dealing with distracted drivers in Pennsylvania

Distracted driving, which is when someone is focused on something other than what is on the road, is becoming a more prevalent issue. In addition to doing things like checking on kids in the back seat or changing a radio station, people are spending a lot of time focusing on their smartphone instead of traffic.

The problem of distracted driving has become bad enough that many defensive driving training courses are now including methods on how to deal with distracted drivers and pedestrians. For instance, training courses are now instructing people to not assume that other motorists will notice red lights and that people crossing the road may not notice that a car is coming towards them if they are looking at their phone.

Distracted driving has been attributed to an increase in the number of traffic fatalities. Following a steady decline in the number of traffic deaths since 2007, between 2014 and 2015, the number of deaths increased. Early estimates for 2016 indicate that this is a continuing trend, and it appears that there are more highway deaths since 2008. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that accidents caused by distracted driving increased faster than those caused by drunk driving.

Even the best driver can’t always avoid getting into a crash. Some car accidents are unavoidable, especially if a person runs a red light or abruptly changes lanes. If someone has been in an accident, a lawyer could help them determine what they will be paying in relation to the crash. This is important since insurance companies may not offer settlements that will cover 100 percent of a person’s expenses, and a lawyer could assist someone in obtaining equitable compensation for vehicle repairs and medical bills.