Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Crash

If you have a car accident in Pennsylvania, you may be unsure about your next steps. After all, just dealing with the medical aftermath of a serious crash can be overwhelming, especially alongside property damage, time away from work and canceled events and activities. The bills may begin to pile up following a collision, especially if your injuries are severe enough to require time in the hospital and not on the job. You may wonder how to handle dealing with insurance companies, especially if the crash was caused by another driver’s negligence.

Early settlement offers may not be sufficient

When another driver was at fault for the motor vehicle accident, their insurance company may be responsible for covering the damages caused by the crash or even defending the driver in a personal injury lawsuit. Since insurance companies always want to keep their expenses as low as possible, they might attempt to convince you to sign a settlement agreement, even if it is not in your best interest. When the costs are escalating, it may be tempting to agree to an insurance company’s first offer. However, in many cases, those offers may be insufficient to cover all of your medical bills and other expenses.

Insurers often try to deny claims

When interacting with an insurance company, you may want to remember that in most cases, the insurer is not working on your behalf. It may look for information in order to deny your claim or drive down the amount that it offers in a settlement.

Accident victims do not have to deal with insurance companies on their own, especially when they are already dealing with their injuries and the costs of lost wages and escalating bills. A personal injury lawyer can work with accident victims to represent their interests, including negotiating with insurers and pursuing a lawsuit against the responsible drivers.