Defendant in lawsuit claims plaintiff got the wrong company

If you’ve been hurt recently, chances are that you didn’t feel the need to sue anyone over the cause. Injuries can happen for countless accidental reasons, and insurance among other supports is there to help people recover from the consequences. Lawsuits regarding personal injury need some specific relation between the defendant and the cause of the pain and damage.

It all comes down to liability. The two main forms of liability when it comes to personal injuries involve people doing things they should not have done and people who did not do things they should have done.

The first type often refers to a negligent or malicious action that directly caused an injury. The second type is more about responsibility, such as a store manager failing to maintain the safety of floor surfaces. This is known as premises liability.

A plaintiff in a Pittsburgh lawsuit against a major retailer is claiming the company was responsible for her injury near one of its stores. The claim involves knee injuries that the woman suffered allegedly due to a defective walking surface with uneven pavement near a mall. The retailer responded to suggest that the problems were due to the mall’s operator, as the company did not own or maintain the surface.

People suffering after a personal injury may need the help of an attorney. Legal representation can advise people on the right plaintiffs in an injury lawsuit and help determine the financial value of actual damages and compensation for pain and suffering. A lawyer may be able to help turn a bad situation around.