Distracted Driving Makes Roadways More Dangerous

According to a study commissioned by Netradyne, concerns about distracted driving are on the rise. The study included 1,248 drivers in Pennsylvania and throughout America who were 18 and older and who had a standard license. Furthermore, the participants either drove their own car or drove a car owned by family members at least once a week.

Distracted driving is largely considered to be a problem

The survey found that 82% of respondents felt that distracted driving was a growing problem. Roughly one out of every seven respondents said that they had been hurt or experienced significant damage to a vehicle as the result of a collision caused while they weren’t focused on road conditions. Furthermore, the study revealed that consuming beverages of any kind was among the most common causes of distracted driving.

Most individuals think highly of their driving abilities

Among respondents, 91% said that they were safe drivers. However, roughly half of the survey participants said that they could take steps to be even safer while behind the wheel. Furthermore, the survey found that 20% of respondents thought that commercial drivers who were transporting goods were a threat to their safety.

Car accidents caused by distracted drivers may result in both bodily injury and property damage. If you were involved in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills or other damages related to the crash. A financial award may be obtained through a settlement or at the conclusion of a trial. In some cases, a settlement may be reached after a trial begins. An attorney may use witness statements, cellphone records and other information to prove that an car crash was caused by another motorist’s careless behavior.