Distracted driving trends during summer

Driving is a serious responsibility and requires focus. Distracted drivers raise the risks of a collision, which could involve serious damages, injuries and medical bills to pay.

Recently, a bus driver was videoed watching movies on his smartphone while hurtling down a highway. The driver was fired and, apart from a few shocked passengers, there were no injuries. However, distracted drivers are to blame for many serious accidents and fatalities on city streets.

Increased risk of distracted driving during summer

Distracted driving rates are higher during the summer months, according to a new report. An analysis of 20,000 drivers found more of drivers’ time was spent looking at phones during the warmer months. Specifically, during the summer, distracted drivers spent an extra 15 minutes out of every hour looking away from the road.

What are the rules in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to text using a hand-held mobile phone or electronic device while driving. This includes reading or browsing any text on email, SMS or the web.

While it is legal for drivers to make or receive phone calls while driving, the state recommends:

  • Pulling over to the side of the road where possible to take or make a call
  • Using a hands-free device when making or receiving phone calls
  • Not having upsetting or heated conversations with callers while driving

Different states take different approaches on distracted driving, so their laws may vary.

Injury and fatality statistics

The aftereffects of a distracted driving incident can be devastating. Driving distracted caused 3,450 fatalities nationwide in 2016, and in 2015, 391,000 were injured, according to statistics. At any one time, it is estimated more than 480,000 cars on the road are driven by someone holding a cellphone.

These numbers can seem chilling. Distracted driving is indeed extremely dangerous. If another person’s negligence leads to an injury or a fatality, accident victims may be entitled to compensation. Learn about your rights and obtain fair recompense for your losses if you are involved in an accident.