Do these things to drive more safely this fall

Fall in Pittsburgh is a beautiful time of the year. The leaves change, the weather cools off and many people spend additional time outdoors.

If you find yourself on the road during this time of the year, you need to take special caution to avoid trouble. Here are four things to keep in mind:

  • Roads can be slippery: It’s this time of the year when you really need to worry about rain, snow and ice. Also, when leaves stick to the road, they can make it more difficult to stop your vehicle.
  • Vehicle maintenance matters: From your tires (proper inflation) to your windshield wipers, make sure your vehicle is ready for the weather you’re sure to face during the fall months.
  • More kids are on the road: Not only are kids riding in school buses, but they’re also standing at the bus stop and walking to and from school. Keep an eye out for youngsters as you drive.
  • Deer are more active: November and December, in particular, are high-traffic times of the year for deer and other animals. If you see a “deer crossing” sign, slow down and watch the sides of the road.

Even if you understand the importance of changing your driving style this fall, you could still be part of an accident. This often happens when another driver doesn’t take notice of what’s happening around them, such as heavy rain moving into the area.

If you’re involved in a crash, your health and well-being come first. Once you receive medical treatment, you can file a car insurance claim and take steps to hold the negligent party responsible for damages.