Evidence used in car accident injury cases

Pennsylvania residents who are seeking damages in a car crash must prove that the accident was someone else’s fault. Furthermore, they must prove that the accident resulted in harm to them. There are many different forms of evidence that can be used to prove that injuries occurred such as using photographs. Photos may also be used to show that an accident took place that led to the injuries.

A police report or another eyewitness account of what took place may also establish that an accident took place that was not the fault of the injured victim. Furthermore, it may be possible to show that injuries occurred by the use of medical records such as admission to a hospital, notes from a doctor or being prescribed a medication to help deal with symptoms.

Injured victims as well as their attorneys may be able to help gather evidence to help prove a crash occurred that resulted in harm. Crash victims are encouraged to take photos of the crash or to get statements if possible. It may also be a good idea for crash victims to review the police report of the accident as well.

If a negligent driver causes a car accident, any injured victims may be entitled to compensation. Compensation may be provided to help a victim recoup lost wages or recover lost future earnings. It may also help to pay medical bills and other related expenses. Legal counsel may use phone records, toxicology reports or witness statements to show that a driver was negligent when causing an accident. Cases may be settled outside of court or resolved by a jury at the conclusion of a trial.