Fatigue: A Cause of Workplace Accidents

There’s no doubt that fatigue can be extremely dangerous in the workplace. For some, that danger is simply financial while others may end up dealing with serious injuries or even death. In fact, according to The National Safety Council, over 13% of Pennsylvania employees suffer a workplace injury due to a lack of sleep. The following includes more information on fatigue, including how it can lead to workplace accidents and how to prevent them.

Changing workplace culture

Employees who suffer an injury on the job due to fatigue often have one thing in common: They are working within a company that increases or neglects employee fatigue. In some occupations, employers and other employees view taking a break as lazy behavior. Even if allowed to take a break, an employee may not take it for fear of demotions or being passed on later for a promotion.

This, of course, is a serious issue for not only employees but also business owners who may have to deal with potential lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims and loss of productivity. Employers can reduce the risk of these issues by:

  • Introducing proper education and training
  • Enforcing company policies in terms of safety
  • Forming groups where employees look out for one another
  • Continual auditing safety protocols

Occupations with high rates of fatigue

As stated earlier, some occupations with fatigued employees can do more harm than others. That is why it is important to acknowledge where the majority of these accidents are occurring.

The occupations where fatigue-related accidents are high include commercial trucking. Truckers not only have to meet deadlines created by vendors, but they are also likely to face pressure to drive longer by their own supervisors. Another high-risk occupation is construction. Time and budget are major factors for business owners, and construction managers often pressure employees to work longer hours, thus resulting in fatigue-related accidents.

If you have been injured on the job due to fatigue and you believe that it’s a result of your employer, seeking an attorney’s aid is highly recommended. Doing so may provide you with the best legal route for your situation.