Fighting sun glare behind the wheel

As much as we enjoy a clear and sunny day in the summer, it also creates another hazard for drivers to deal with. Whether you see the reflection in the skyscrapers or it is beaming down right in front of you, having the sun in your eye can be both uncomfortable and dangerous.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can handle this problem to prevent car accidents from happening.

Have a pair of sunglasses on hand.

Sunglasses are essential to have in your car no matter what time of the year it is. While sunglasses will not completely get rid of the glare, they can help you reduce the light and will be easier on your eyes.

Even if the sun is not directly in view and there are not many places it could reflect nearby, the clear blue sky can be hard on the eyes. If you wear glasses or contacts, optical retailers can offer you transition lenses, clip on sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses.

Put down your car’s visor.

Every modern car comes with two sun visors on the driver and passenger side. This is more reliable when you want to block out the sun, but it is not without risks.

It does not completely block out the sun at certain points of the day, and even the slightest glare can cause your eye to twitch. You can also significantly reduce your windshield vision and may not have as much road to look at.

Most cars allow you to push your visor more forward to reduce the amount of windshield it covers. This helps you maintain a nice balance between sun blockage and windshield view in the daytime.

Know when the sunsets and sunrises are.

Sunsets and sunrises are the worst times for driving because car visors will not work as well as they do in the daytime. Use your local weather channel to see what time the sun rises and sets to help you plan accordingly.

If you have no choice but to drive during these times, then you need to maintain your distance between vehicles and have your headlights on. Other drivers have the same problems with the sun as you, so keeping enough distance and letting them know your location is essential for road safety.

Be cautious when driving behind a large truck or passing a building that is blocking the sun. Once that large object is no longer in front of you, you will have little time to react to the glare returning to your face.

Drivers who do not take the necessary precautions against the sun are at major risk of causing car accidents. If it happens, a personal injury attorney can be reached to investigate the accident and determine how victim compensation will be handled.