First Three to Six Minutes of Driving Can Be Especially Unsafe

Car trips under 10 minutes long are among the most dangerous, according to a study from the telematics provider Dolphin Technologies. The results of the study should intrigue drivers in Pennsylvania, especially those who habitually use their car for short trips.

Accidents within the first three minutes

The data, taken from vehicles that had installed one of Dolphin’s devices, consisted of 3.2 million car trips made by 40,000 people between 2018 and 2019. About 87% percent of these trips lasted less than 30 minutes while 1% exceeded one hour.

A total of 1,986 accidents were recorded in the data, one quarter of which occurred during the first three minutes of driving. Another 14% occurred between three and six minutes after drivers headed out. If drivers avoid trips of a duration less than 10 minutes, they could prevent up to 40% of all crashes.

Longer trips pose a hazard as well

Researchers found the crash risk to be at its lowest during 10- to 20-minute trips. After that, the risk went up again until drivers became 2.5 times likelier to crash during a 40-minute trip than during a trip shorter than 20 minutes.

Drivers are encouraged to walk or bike for short trips. On longer trips, they should rest often. Other advice includes putting away the phone and knowing how weather conditions affect safety.

Crash victims and personal injury law

Victims of motor vehicle crashes might get all the compensation they need through their own insurer with Pennsylvania being a no-fault state. Perhaps your injuries were severe and allow you to file a third-party insurance claim. You may want legal advice and guidance in this regard. A lawyer may be helpful when it comes to proving the defendant’s fault and negotiating a settlement out of court.