Hazards You Might Encounter on a Construction Site

If you spend just a few minutes on a Pennsylvania construction site, you’ll likely be able to identify a number of potential safety hazards. They may include falling objects, toxic fumes, and inadequate access to personal protective equipment. However, there may be several other hazards that could put your safety in jeopardy while working as part of a construction crew.

Constant noise can lead to hearing loss

Even if you have access to earplugs or similar items, the noise generated by machines, power tools or other equipment can result in hearing loss over a long enough period of time. In some cases, you could start to feel the impact of noise exposure before you get done with your first shift. In addition, exposure to loud noises could lead to headaches or other types of chronic pain.

Working at heights can be extremely dangerous

If you’re working at heights, it’s critical that you wear boots that offer sufficient grip to prevent a slip or stumble. It’s also a good idea to insist that you have access to guardrails, a safety harness or other tools that can minimize your risk of falling. In the event that you do fall, making use of this type of equipment can prevent serious injury or death.

Watch out for any vehicles on a job site

It’s not uncommon to see large trucks transporting materials from one part of a job site to another. While drivers are supposed to pay attention to their surroundings, it’s not always possible to see everything in their paths. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what others are doing while in close proximity to a large vehicle. If you are struck by a truck, it may be possible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are hurt while at work, your employer will likely be responsible for ensuring that your medical bills related to the accident are paid in full. Furthermore, you may be entitled to any wages that were lost while recovering from your injuries.