How a workplace might document an accident

Employees in Pennsylvania who have been injured on the job may wonder what kind of documentation could help them prove the circumstances around an injury. Companies should have an accident book that documents even minor injuries. Documentation should include what steps were taken when the injury occurred, such as whether the injured worker was given first aid.

More severe injuries may also be discussed at a health and safety meeting. If such a meeting is held, the discussion should probably be included in the meeting minutes. An injured employee may also want to look into whether there is a risk assessment. This is a document that an employer should have created that details the risks associated with a particular job. The risk assessment should be prepared prior to the accident and not after the fact.

There should also be training records. If an injured employee was doing a job that he or she was not trained for, this should be noted as well. Employers are responsible for providing adequate training as well as any needed tools and safety equipment for the job.

Workers’ compensation can be very important to employees and their families. However, an employer may not know that an employee is eligible for compensation. Injured workers may want to talk to an attorney about their rights. Furthermore, speaking with an attorney after a work injury may help ensure that the injured person does not give up the right to pursue further compensation if another person or party is responsible for the accident.