How does a workers’ compensation benefits claim work?

If you are injured on the job, a lot of thoughts will fly through your head even before you get care. Many of those thoughts will be negative or apprehensive, such as wondering how much treatment will cost you or what your family will do for money until you can get back to work. Fortunately, Pennsylvania law requires companies to be insured to provide workers’ compensation benefits.

How does a claim for workers’ compensation begin?

It may begin with a sudden injury, or it may start by realizing work conditions have made an employee ill. Supervisors make initial injury or illness reports to executives or human resources managers. A human resources department is generally in charge of investigating the circumstances of an injury or illness.

What happens once a claim is sent to the Pennsylvania administrators?

A claims administrator with the state will approve or deny the claim. If it is approved, the victim of the injury or illness can submit medical bills for reimbursement and take leave related to the medical problem. If it is denied, most applicants are allowed an appeal if they believe the available evidence should have warranted approval.

Can a lawyer help with claiming workers’ compensation benefits?

An attorney can always represent a client’s legal interests, and legal representation can be very helpful while applying for benefits or lodging a complaint or appeal regarding workers’ compensation benefits. Consider a lawyer if you have been hurt on a job and are concerned about your ability to recover with the right resources.