How many people die in DUI accidents in Pennsylvania?

Despite widespread public awareness campaigns, drunk drivers continue to kill or injure too many innocent Pennsylvania residents.

During the holidays, the issue of drunk driving can often become a big concern for Pennsylvania residents. However, the reality is that drunk drivers are on Pennsylvania streets and highways every day. Too many innocent residents are injured or even killed every year at the hands of people who make the dangerous choice to operate vehicles after consuming alcohol.

Fatalities remain steady over five-year period

Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration give a window into the reality of drunk driving in Pennsylvania. For the five years spanning from 2011 through 2015, the number of people who died in these accidents remained relatively steady. Only minor fluctuations were noticed.

In 2011, there were 398 drunk driving fatalities statewide. That number rose by nine to 407 the following year. The 2013 data shows the biggest change with a drop to 360 and another drop in 2014 to 349. In 2015, however, there was another increase to 364 drunk driving deaths.

Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties lead state in DUI deaths

Looking at county data for the same five years, it can be seen that the counties with the most number of deaths in drunk driving accidents were Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties. These counties recorded 142 and 102 DUI fatalities, respectively.

Other counties that also experienced a high number of lives lost to drunk drivers included Bucks, Luzerne and York Counties. There, a total of 77, 76 and 70 people, respectively, died in the five years in accidents in which alcohol was a contributing factor.

In Berks County, 63 drunk driving deaths were recorded and another 61 occurred in Chester County. In Montgomery County, another 57 people were killed in drunk driving accidents.

Reports detail the horror of drunk driving accidents

Earlier this year, three people died in a blaze that started after a drunk and high driver crashed his car. The three victims were all passengers in the man’s vehicle. According to the New York Daily News, the at-fault driver was said to have a blood alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit and traces of pot in his system. He was also reported to be driving at close to 100 miles per hour when he crashed in Bethlehem Township.

WFMZ provided information on a crash in February in Washington Township. A 24-year-old woman died after being ejected from the vehicle she was a passenger in. The driver of that vehicle is said to have had a BAC of 0.15 percent and survived with only minor injuries.

Help after an accident should be a priority

People who are involved in accidents caused by negligent drunk drivers deserve help. Contacting an attorney is always recommended for Pennsylvania residents who suffer due to the bad decisions of others.