How Speeding Can Affect an Auto Accident Injury Claim

Speeding is likely the most common driving infraction that happens on the open highways in Pennsylvania. Many drivers who are attempting to stay within the legal limits find themselves in a battle with other vehicle operators who are not as respectful. This includes respect for other drivers as well respect for the law.

Speeding is one indication that drivers could be under the influence of alcohol while driving, another violation that could come with criminal charges when drivers are caught or involved in an accident. This can make a major difference when accident injury cases are being settled.

According to numbers published by the National Safety Council regarding traffic fatalities, speeding was a major contributor in 26% of all traffic fatalities across the nation in 2018. The report reflected that there was a total of 9,378 fatalities in 8,447 collisions attributed to excessive speed. Even though this is a significant number, there has actually been a steady reduction since 2010 when speed limit violations were a component of 32% of all national traffic fatalities.

Personal injury attorneys in Pittsburgh understand that driving violations are common components of auto accidents. Aggressive driving sometimes encourages others to do the same, which is often what occurs on open highways. Another major problem with speeding is that it shows a significant disregard for the safety of other motorists, which can translate to negligence or even gross negligence depending on the actual speed level beyond the limit.

Negligence is central to auto accident claims when general damages for long-term, life-impacting injuries are being negotiated between lawyers. If the level of fault reaches gross negligence in either an excessive speed or a DUI case, a punitive damages award might be added to compensatory awards.