How to Avoid Accidents During Winter

Winter weather can be a dangerous time for motorists in Pennsylvania. Packed snow and ice, changing road conditions, and reduced visibility all lead to increased motor vehicle accidents during the winter months. To drive safely in winter, here’s what you need to know.

Take it slow

Be extra cautious, and plan ahead to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Drive slowly so you give yourself enough time to react if something goes wrong. For instance, if you’re driving on an icy road, slowing down means you’ll be able to stop when the car in front of you suddenly breaks. That is especially important when driving through intersections, where visibility can get tricky due to low light and blowing snow.

Also, watch out for black ice on roads that aren’t covered by snow. Black ice forms when water freezes directly onto a road surface. It’s often transparent and very hard to spot, so it can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Turn on your headlights

Be as visible as possible. Turn on your car’s high beams during the day, and keep them turned on anytime it’s snowing or raining heavily. Also, make sure to clear any snow from a roof-mounted light bar or grill guard so drivers behind you can see your vehicle.

If the weather conditions are severe, it’s best to pull off the road and wait until they improve before continuing on your way. When visibility is poor or roads are icy, stay in a well-lit area with people around if possible.

Clear your car and check your tires’ traction

Before heading out, clear all snow and ice off of your motor vehicle. Make sure the lights are clean too so they can shine through any weather conditions to help you see better while driving during winter storms.

Also, make sure that your tires have plenty of traction so that they don’t spin when braking or accelerating on icy roads. Use tire chains if necessary.

As a driver, it’s up to you to keep yourself and other drivers safe visible by adjusting your driving accordingly. As you’ve seen it is possible to avoid a motor vehicle accident during winter with a few simple precautions.