How to drive safely in strong winter wind

If you live in or around Pittsburgh, you know how difficult it is to drive during the winter months. While there are days when the roads are dry and clear, this isn’t always the case. Instead, you could find yourself contending with strong wind, ice and snow.

Here are three things you must do when driving in strong winter wind:

  • Keep two hands on the steering wheel: It only takes one gust of wind to knock you off track. By keeping both hands on the wheel, you can make the necessary adjustments should your vehicle begin to move.
  • Beware of areas where gusts are more likely: For example, if you’re driving across one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges, you’re more likely to experience a wind gust.
  • Watch for large vehicles: The taller the vehicle the more difficult it is for the driver to keep it steady. For example, tractor-trailers and buses often struggle to maintain control during windy conditions.

The only way to completely avoid inclement weather is to stay inside. However, you know that this isn’t always possible. You may have somewhere to be, such as work or school, just as the wind picks up.

If another driver causes an accident in inclement weather, such as a trucker who was driving too fast for the conditions, pull to the shoulder and call 911 for help. You need to receive immediate treatment for all your injuries.

Once you’re recovering and understand your treatment schedule for the future, you can take steps to protect your legal rights and to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.