How to drive safely on icy roads

Icy roads can make it difficult to safely reach your destination during the winter months. Even though road crews do their part in keeping roads clear, this isn’t always good enough.

Here are some tips for driving safely on icy roads:

  • Slow down: There is nothing more important, as the faster you’re traveling the greater chance there is that you’ll lose control of your vehicle.
  • Watch other drivers: Even if you’ve slowed to a crawl, other drivers may not take the same caution. Keep as much distance as possible between your vehicle and reckless drivers.
  • Don’t rely on your vehicle to save you: For example, some people assume that their all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle will help them stay safe on icy roads. It may help in snow but doesn’t do anything when roadways are slippery.
  • Watch how you start and stop: If you slam on your brakes, for instance, you increase the risk of slipping. The same holds true if you smash the gas pedal to the floor.
  • Don’t stop: If you know the road is icy, do your best to keep your momentum. This is particularly true when traveling uphill, as you may not be able to get started again once you stop.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to drive safely on icy roads.

If another driver causes an accident, maybe as the result of speeding, call 911 to report the accident and receive help. You can then receive treatment for your injuries, contact your insurance company and revisit the cause of the accident.