How to Keep Your Eyes Safe at Work

When one thinks of Pennsylvania workplace injuries, most envision back problems and trip and fall accidents. However, research shows that eye injuries make up a huge part of the accidents that happen while on the job. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your vision while still keeping the position you love.

The problem in the workplace

According to statistics, approximately 800,000 eye injuries happen at the workplace every year. Injuries to the eye, depending on how significant, can cause loss of work, diminished quality of life, vision loss, and even blindness. The American Optometric Association is pointing toward the lack of eye protection or poor eye protection as being the main reason that accidents happen, with 90% of eye injuries being avoidable with better eye protection.

How to keep your eyes safe

When you prepare for work, ensure that your eyes will be protected for the type of job you are have. For instance, if you are working around sawdust, flying objects, or other debris that might get into your eyes, then opt to wear safety glasses that will protect your entire eye with the use of side shields. Those who are working with chemicals need to have on thick goggles. Those who have jobs in welding or around other hazardous radiation will need certain protection such as glasses, face shields, or goggles that are specifically formulated to protect your vision from these rays.

When workplaces fall short

While it’s possible to take steps to prevent eye injuries at work, some of the measures can only be implemented with the help of management. Jobs where you aren’t given access to the appropriate eyewear along with lack of machine guards and work screens are some of the ways that companies can be at fault for the injuries their employees’ experience. Regardless of who is to blame, however, eye injuries are generally covered by workers’ compensation.