Injured car accident victim files personal injury lawsuit

On May 4, a car accident victim filed a personal injury lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. The claim involves a two-car accident that occurred on Oct. 4, 2015, and a man from New Jersey is the defendant. The plaintiff has requested a jury trial, and he is seeking a monetary award of more than $150,000 for his damages.

According to the plaintiff, he was stopped in his vehicle along the shoulder of a highway in Westfall Township when the defendant struck him with his moving car. The plaintiff claims that the defendant failed to maintain control over his vehicle, keep a proper lookout or stay in the correct traffic lane.

The car accident caused the plaintiff to sustain injuries that resulted in medical expenses. He is seeking financial compensation for his medical treatment, x-rays, diagnostic tests, medications and physical therapy. In addition to compensation for his damages, the plaintiff wants interest to be added to the financial award.

Motor vehicle accident victims often suffer losses that go beyond the costs of medical care and treatment. In many cases, an injured victim is unable to return to work for a prolonged period, if at all. The loss of those wages can have a significant financial impact on the family of the victim as well. A personal injury lawsuit is based on negligence, and an attorney for ain injured victim will attempt to establish that another driver was at fault by reviewing the accident investigation report and other evidence such as the testimony of eyewitnesses.

Source: PennRecord, “Man claims negligence led to traffic crash,” June 7, 2016