Intersection dangers can be cut with roundabouts

Drivers in Pennsylvania know that taking to the roadways always carries a risk, especially at traffic intersections where two or more roadways come together. These junction points where cars approach each other in opposite directions and often at higher rates of speed can be some of the most deadly points on the road. Traffic engineers are often concerned about how to make intersections safer, because accidents suffered at junction points can be some of the most devastating, leading to fatalities or serious injuries.

The construction of roundabouts is one engineering solution that has been proposed in order to cut down on the number of fatalities and injuries that take place at traffic intersections. The Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a study that looked at the experiences at 144 highly trafficked urban and rural roundabouts throughout the state. The results were promising for the use of roundabouts to enhance human protection at roadway junctions, ascar crashes with fatalities declined by 86 percent after roundabouts were constructed at these intersections. There were significant decreases in injuries after the building of roundabouts; serious injury accidents declined by 83 percent, while there was a 61 percent decrease in all crashes that cause injuries.

When examining the results, researchers pinpointed the near-elimination of T-bone accidents as a major cause of the reduction in deaths and injuries. In this type of accident, the front end of one car smashes into the side of the other, leaving drivers and passengers in both vehicles at high risk of severe injuries.

Engineering developments and construction techniques can be effective in improving roadway safety. However, these technologies cannot eradicate the risks created by negligent drivers, texting while driving or other dangerous actions. A personal injury lawyer can advise people who have been injured in car accidents due to others’ actions in seeking compensation for medical expenses and other damages suffered.